Natural Vegan Skincare, Haircare, Pet Care, CBD & Home Goods

Plant-based products for skin, hair and home. Hand crafted in small batches containing herbal infusions and botanical blends.

Our Products Can Be Found At The Following Retail Locations!

Z.E.R.O Refillery + Eco Store – 130 King St, Cohasset MA 02025

Mother Crewe Naturals – 11 Memorial Dr, Plymouth, MA 02360

Rekindled Home – 9 S Main St, Middleborough, MA 02346

Mayflower Mercantile – 4 Mayflower Rd, Plympton, MA 02367

Tateo Organics Local Provisions @ EDAVILLE theme Park – 5 Pine Street Carver, Ma 02330

Visit our Live Naturally CBD Apothecary for Hemp-Based Relief Products!

We create superior plant-based products that can be used by the whole family every day. We harness the powerful abilities of plants and use them to make beautiful skincare, haircare & high-quality soaps that will become a part of people’s lives for years to come. Keep scrolling to learn more!


Our founder, Chelsea, lives in Massachusetts and is constantly studying and researching the best natural, plant-based ingredients to use in our products. On top of running Live Naturally Co., she is a natural living influencer and blogger whose passion inspires others to lead healthier, simpler, and more natural lives! Click here to learn more!

Event @ Mayflower Mercantile Plympton, Ma


The Live Naturally Company is based in Carver, Massachusetts, and creates locally handcrafted skin and hair care products to ship anywhere in the USA.


We formulate beautiful products from scratch. We put careful thought and passion into each particular creation and then use our knowledge and skills to handcraft the formulations in small batches for quality control and distribution. We use old-fashioned methods in our processes from slow herbal infusions to cooked hot process soaps!


Businesses often manipulate their customers into believing that their products are safe, “natural” and good for the environment when they are not. It is our goal to change this practice. Not only do we want to provide our customer’s products that are genuinely good for their health and the planet but we want to educate and empower as many people as we can along the way to have the knowledge to step up and take charge of what they support with their hard-earned dollar.



We carefully research and select only the best plant-based ingredients to use in our products. We truly believe that plants hold the power to solve many ailments, skin conditions, and physical needs. You will not find any ingredients derived from animals, animal by-products, or animal sources of any kind here.


We handcraft our products in small batches to keep the quality as high as possible. All of our formulations are crafted with care and intention. We use folk remedies and bring our production methods back to their old-fashioned roots when it comes to creating herbal infusions, botanical blends, and amazing soaps!


The practice of greenwashing is rampant in today’s market. Greenwashing is when a company uses terms and tactics to convey the illusion that their products are eco-friendly, “natural,” and good for the environment.

Currently, there is no regulation on the term “natural” in the cosmetic industry. So, anyone can make this claim about the items they sell. Scary right?

It is hard to say what is and what is not natural. Everything occurring in life comprises chemicals and chemical reactions. Some of the most beneficial plant-based ingredients come from combining naturally occurring substances together. Some elements may come from natural sources but were technically manufactured for the final product. Does this mean these ingredients are not natural? As you can see, it isn’t very clear. This is why we like to use the term plant-based, as it provides a clearer view of where our ingredients are coming from.


Plant-Based Ingredients come directly from plants or plant-based sources. Some examples are butters, oils, essential oils, fatty alcohols, plant-based preservatives, etc.

SustainableWe do our best to purchase only sustainably sourced and certified ingredients from the USA. Sustainability is a multi-faceted concept beyond just how the ingredients are grown and harvested.

Environmentally FriendlyWe are almost 100% plastic-free for product packaging and shipping. Our boxes are 100% biodegradable/compostable and we purchase recycled cardboard and paper whenever it is available. We use recycled & compostable packing tape, and shipping materials as well. Our packing peanuts are also 100% biodegradable and compostable made from plant starches!

Zero Waste Goals & Reusable ContainersOur products, if contained, are packaged in reusable glass, metal, or tin containers that can be reused and repurposed!

Safe, Biodegradable IngredientsEverything you wash down the drain or throw away has the potential to end up back in the earth and water systems. We ensure that the ingredients used are biodegradable and safe for the environment, so you don’t have to worry!

Our company name “Live Naturally Co.” was made to be a statement and a way of life. Living naturally is a holistic approach to living a balanced, clean, and simple lifestyle.

Live Freely – Live Healthy – Live Cleanly – Live Naturally!


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