A⃣   R⃣   T⃣   I⃣   S⃣   A⃣   N⃣

My name is Chelsea. I am the owner and founder of Live Naturally Co., plant-based skincare, haircare, soap & CBD company located in Massachusetts.

When I am not formulating & crafting products for the Live Naturally Company, I am continuing my education and certifications in the art of natural skin and hair care formulating and continuing my practices of herbalism and herbal remedies. I have a fully stacked home apothecary and am enthralled with the art of foraging and infusing oils with medicinal plant life.

I am a mother, coach, entrepreneur, and natural living influencer/blogger. I am incredibly passionate about our planet and the sustained health of our environments and learning all that I can about doing my part to leave a positive impact. I approach everything in life with a holistic view and want only the best for my family, friends, and customers.

I am a vegan but I prefer to use the term plant-based for everything including our products. Our products NEVER use ingredients derived from any form of animal product or byproduct. This is why you will not see honey, keratin, honey quat, or goat milk in any of our formulations.

I feel empowered to prove that companies can succeed by being honest and transparent with their consumers. Loyalty and trust are what I want to build the foundation of my business on. I intend to treat you the same way I would want a company to treat me. I look forward to serving you and my community for years to come.

I research, formulate, craft, test, design, photograph, package, and ship all of our products by hand in small batches. I have a passion for writing and photography which seems to tie in perfectly with this beautiful path my family and I are on!

I feel it is essential for us as a community to support our local small businesses and local economy to ensure we stay strong for years to come.

Our company name “Live Naturally Co.” was made to be a statement and a way of life. Living naturally is a holistic approach to living a balanced, clean, and simple lifestyle.

Live Freely – Live Healthy – Live Cleanly – Live Naturally!